2021 -Q3 in review

Hi there and welcome back to my blog. How are you? I hope you are well. Today’s blog post is about my year so far in the review.

Win Hof

After speaking to someone at Merica MS centre, about a breathing technique that she does every day, I decided to do the same thing. Win Hof is a specific breathing excise that is supposed to turn your body from acid like to alkaline. The Win Hof method also talks about having ice-cold showers and fasting, but so far, I haven’t done any of those yet.

My eczema 

Because I had a smoothie one day, my eczema has flared back. For the past month or so, I’ve been having something called Morninga powder in with lukewarm water. I’ve also been rubbing Morninga powder mixed with mustard oil on me for a few weeks now and it definitely reduced my itching. 

My birthday

It was my birthday last month and my uncle got me a mandolin. That’s why I’ve now divided my time between my electric ukulele and my mandolin. I do find it tricky transiting between the two because they are so similar and yet so different but I feel it’s definitely improving in playing both.

My #rockulele

Recently, I’ve downloaded an app called ToneBridge. What ToneBridge allows me to do, is to plug my ukulele into my iPad via an iRig2 and plug the other end into my amp and I can replicate any rock song effects pedal onto my ukulele. Unfortunately, due to the technology, it does mean that I cannot plug my ukulele into my phone for my recording.

Me working

Unfortunately, I haven’t started working yet. I had a couple of enquiries from friends but they didn’t follow up.

My word and brain games

Unfortunately, two of my word games have removed their daily challenges. Wordful Hexa and Wordie have removed their daily challenge. So what I’ve done, is that I’ve downloaded a new game called CodyCross. A crossword game, which  has two daily challenges., 

Fortunately, one of my brain games, BrainWell have opened their full daily games but with adverts.

Bhangra Blaze and Earls of Uke are meeting up again

Because the majority of the country have been double jabbed, my outdoor hobbies are meeting up again. Bhangra Blaze has a limit of 15 people in the class while my ukulele group has a limit of 20. Unfortunately, none of my cancer/brain tumours groups hasn’t met up yet.

My weight

My weight is 64KG. I know that it hasn’t moved as much as I would like it.

That’s it for now. Once again, I just want to thank a few people. Firstly, I would like to thank my mum, dad, sister, and my Naughty Mamaji, for being by my side, throughout everything. I would like to thank everyone from BTS for sharing this with the community. I would like to thank Kanika, Shirley, and everyone at Carers Trust for giving me the confidence to share my story and I would like to thank Joe for motivating me to get back on the horse. And I would like to thank everyone at the hospital, my family and friends, and everyone who I’ve met on this journey.

Next time, I’m going to talk about the benefits of Morninga powder.. Please feel free to leave a comment and as always, if you buy something from Amazon, through the blog, or click on an advert, 100% of the money that I get goes to charity.

Thanks and take care.