Brain games that I play

Hi there and welcome back to my blog. How are you? I hope that you are well. Today I’m going to talk about the brain training games that I like to play everyday. I will also give a quick review of them.

Brainwell – iOS Android
This is one of the first brain training games that I started playing. I actually started playing this game before my diagnosis. The one particular thing that I like about this game is that, when you complete a round, it shows your score and compares it to players in different age groups

Lumosity – iOS Android
This game is another game that I started playing before my diagnosis. I find this game useful when it comes to memory. It has a mini game called “Tidel Treasure” where you have to pick out unique objects from an ocean bed.

Peak – iOS Android
This is first game that I started playing post dianogus. This is the only game that I’ve paid for, because it had a Black Friday sale. This has a wide variety of games. From focus, memory and emotions are just a couple of themes that this game has.

Elevate – iOS Android
This game is brilliant for remembering names. On it, it has a game called “Name Recall”. What happens in Name Recall, is you put on a pair of headphones and it will show you a picture of a person with a spoken and written description of that person. It shows four people with different names, descriptions and photos and then it shows a single picture, and then you drag the correct name to the picture. It shows all four pictures individually at first, then it will show two pictures at a time and afterwards, it will show all four pictures, greyed out with a written description from earlier on. You then drag the correct name to the description.

All of theses games are free in the App Store and available on Android.

Well that’s it. Once again, I just want to thank a few people. Firstly, I would like to thank my mum, dad, sister and my Naughty Mamaji, for being by my side, throughout everything. I would like to thank Louise from BTS for sharing this with the community. I would like to thank Kanika, Shirley and everyone at Carers Trust for giving me the confidence to sharing my story and I would like to thank Joe for motivating me to getting back on the horse. And I would like to thank everyone at the hospital, my family and friends and everyone who I’ve met on this journey.

I just want to thank a couple of extra people. Recently, I had a birthday,  (the big 3 – 0), and Facebook allows your friends on Facebook to donate to a charity. I chose Brain Tumour Support and I raised £210. So I would like to thank George Wallis, Scott Crowther, Sunita Kaushal, my Naughty namaji, Rani Sharma, Rebecca Lee, Kirsty Watson, Rahul Prashar, Suresh Prashar, Pravesh Prasher and Mark Abbott. Thank you so much.

The next time I’m going to talk to you, I’m going to talk about what phone apps that I use everyday. Please feel free to leave a comment, and don’t forget if you buy something from Amazon, through the blog, 100% of the money that I get goes to Brain Tumour Support.

Thanks and I shall see you soon.