2023 – Q1 in review

Why hello there, how are you? I hope you’re well and warm. This blog post is about my 2023 Q1 in review.

My eczema 

Thankfully, my eczema is finally clearing up as long as I don’t eat anything from my allergies list. Mind you, saying that, I’ve recently had meals that contained soy and weren’t gluten-free and so far, no reaction

My #rockulele

I’m coming towards the end of my decades series. After that’s finished, I’m going back to playing and singing random songs, my Spotify playlist for future songs is over 90 songs long.

I’m still relearning the piano/keyboard every weekend using my Simply Piano app. But regretfully, I’m not confident in playing and singing something for my Instagram account.

My freecodecamp/me working

Unfortunately, I’m still not working. However, I’m working through this list of tutorials that Joe had sent me after I was stuck on building the calculator. In fact, when it comes to progressing with the course, I’m taking the lead.

My weight

My weight is currently 67kg which is the lightest since the lockdown/covid had started. However, I haven’t been on my daily walks or continued my couch 2 5K training program. I’ve started following the Six Pack Revolution diet and exercise program. I’ve recently finished the Signature wave and will start the sculpt wave today.

My health

I had my annual MRI back in February and I haven’t heard back from the hospital. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been to the WISDEM centre to review my tablets. It’s been over 7 years since I’ve had a decent night’s sleep because of the steroids that I’m taking.

My taste buds

Before my diagnosis, I used to eat a lot of chilli. Since my radiotherapy, I wouldn’t go near the stuff. But recently, I’ve asked my mum to start putting chilli back into my food. I originally asked my mum to put extra pepper into my meals and now, I’m having seedless chilli in my meals.

That’s it for now. Once again, I just want to thank a few people. Firstly, I would like to thank my mum, dad, sister, and my Naughty Mamaji, for being by my side, throughout everything. I would like to thank everyone from BTS for sharing this with the community. I would like to thank Kanika, Shirley, and everyone at Carers Trust for giving me the confidence to share my story and I would like to thank Joe for motivating me to get back on the horse. And I would like to thank everyone at the hospital, my family and friends, and everyone I’ve met on this journey.

Next time, I’m going to talk about my experience with the Six Pack Revolution.

Please feel free to leave a comment and as always, if you buy something from Amazon, through the blog, or click on an advert, 100% of the money that I get goes to charity.

Thanks and take care