How I improved my handwriting

Hi there, and welcome back to my blog. How are you? I hope that you are well. Today I’m going to talk about how I improved my handwriting. As a child, as an adult and after radiotherapy, I’ve always had messy handwriting. Now after over 600 days of practicing, my handwriting has improved. So how did I do it?

  • Go back to basics
  • Learn how to hold a pen
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Try some hand exercises
  • Calligraphy
  • Have someone check over it

Go back to basics
When i decided to improve my handwriting, I bought these books for key stage one and key stage two children. I know that it can be embarrassing to be using these books, but we’ve been through a lot. We have to take one step back to go two steps forward in everything that we do. I went through both of these books and then I started writing on lined paper.

Learn how to hold a pen
When I was in school, my teachers would tell me that I was holding a pen wrong. I would grab a pen with my whole fist. Theses days, I hold a pen with my thumb and index finger while the pen rests on my middle finger. It took me a while to get used to doing this.

Practice, practice, practice
I know that I keep going on about this but I’ve been using an iOS app called Productive. It’s motivating yourself to do something everyday, I write up my blog posts on paper first. Before I started writing up my blog posts, I would write song lyrics. Before that, I would write up “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. It’s a sentence that uses every letter.

Try some hand exercises
I’ve been using baoding balls for over 600 days now. They have really helped me with my hand strength, You don’t have do theses, you can do dot-to-dot, word searches, knitting, playing a musical instrument, cooking pr just about anything that uses your hands.

Recently, I’ve started practicing calligraphy. I’m no good at any free hand calligraphy, so that’s why I use these worksheets that I found online. It’s worth printing off extra copies so you can practice over and over again.

When it comes to pens, use whatever you feel comfortable. For me I started off with these fountain pens but then I moved up to these brush pens.

Have someone check over your handwriting
When I first writing on lined paper, at the end of me writing, I would get my mum to check if she could read it. It’s really helpful to get someone to look over it they give an honest opinion, it will help you improve in everything that you do, even when it comes to my ukulele playing and my balance.

When I started to weigh myself every week, I would put my hand on my mums shoulder, when I would get on the scales. But this time last year, I was able to get on the scale without holding onto anything, And my mum, was the first person was the first person to tell me that I didn’t grab onto anything or anyone.

So, that’s it. Once again, I just want to thank a few people. Firstly, I would like to thank my mum, dad, sister and my Naughty Mamaji, for being by my side, throughout everything. I would like to thank Louise from BTS for sharing this with the community. I would like to thank Kanika, Shirley and everyone at Carers Trust for giving me the confidence to sharing my story and I would like to thank Joe for motivating me to getting back on the horse. And I would like to thank everyone at the hospital, my family and friends and everyone who I’ve met on this journey.

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The next time, I will be discussing “how to make friends”.

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Thanks and I hope to see you soon.